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Themed Ideas For Street Parties

Multi-National Party

This results in a really bright, colourful party with loads of interesting food and drink!

The idea is that each person or household picks a country from around the world (you could use countries of the British Commonwealth, or countries with yellow on their national flag, or whatever other theme works for you), and then decks the front of their house out in flags and bunting from that nation, and prepares a dish from their chosen country.


This will obviously be dependent on the countries you choose, but you'll find links to flags, bunting and other decorations from around the world here.


Again, this will depend on the nations you choose, but click here for our list of recipes from around the world.

To Drink

Have a search at; they have a pretty good selection of wines and other drinks from around the world.

London Pride

Re-live the 2012 Olympics and put together a London-themed party!


Deck out the street in the British national colours of red, white and blue, with plenty of Union Jack flags and bunting.


Potted Shrimps
Onion & Ale Soup
"Bangers" & Mash with Onion Gravy
Beef in Ale Casserole

To Drink

London Gin & Tonic
Fullers London Pride Ale
Youngs Special London Ale

English Garden Party

Quaint, civilised, sophiticated.... could be a lot of fun, and a very "different" kind of party if everyone gets into the spirit of it...


Decorate the garden or front of your house with plenty of red, white and blue, with plenty of Union Jack flags and bunting.


Cucumber Sandwiches
Scotch Eggs
Egg & Cress Sandwiches
Sausage Rolls
Coronation Chicken
Scones and Jam
Strawberries & Cream
Sherry Trifle
Jam Tarts

To Drink

Ginger Beer
Pimms & Lemonade

National Celebrations Listed By Date


1st: Cameroon Independence Day

1st: Establishment of the Slovak Republic

1st: Sudanese Independence Day

24th: Romanian Unification Day

25th: Egyptian Revolution Day

26th: Australia Day


6th: New Zealand - Waitangi Day

15th: Serbian National Day


1st: Independence Day in Bosnia-Herzegovina

3rd: Bulgarian Liberation Day

6th: Ghanaian Independence Day

15th: Hungarian 1848 Revolution Day

17th: Irish St Patricks Day (Republic and Northern Ireland)

20th: Tunisian Independence Day

24th: Argentinian Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice

25th: Greek Independence Day

26th: Martyrs' Day - Mali


1st: Islamic Republic Day in Iran

4th: Angolan Day of Peace & Reconciliation

14th: Senegalese Independence Day

21st: Brazilian Tiradentes' Day

25th: New Zealand - ANZAC Day

25th: Italian Liberation Day

26th: Netherlands - the King's Birthday

27th: South African Freedom Day


1st: Labour Day - China, Malaysia, Iceland

3rd: Japanese Constitution Day

3rd: Polish Constitution Day

6th: Gabonese Martyrs' Day

8th: France - Victory Day

8th: Czech Republic Liberation Day

21st: Montenegro Independence Day

24th: Anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha - Ecuador

25th: Africa Day - celebrated in Mali & Zambia

30th: Azerbaijani Republic Day


2nd: Italian National Day

5th: Danish Constitution Day

5th: President's Day in Equatorial Guinea

10th: Portugal Day

12th: Russia Day

17th: Icelandic Republic Day

25th: Croatia's Statehood Day

25th: Slovenia National Day

28th: Ukrainian Constitution Day

30th: Sudanese Revolution Day


1st: Ghanaian Republic Day

1st: Canada Day

4th: Indepenence Day - USA

5th: Algerian Independence Day

5th: Independence Day in Cape Verde

9th: Argentinian Independence Day

12th: Northern Ireland - Battle of the Boyne

13th: Montenegro Statehood Day

14th: France - "Bastille" Day

18th: Uruguay Constitution Day

20th: Declaration of Independence in Colombia

21st: Belgian Independence Day

23rd: Egyptian Revolution Day

25th: Tunisian Republic Day

28th: Peruvian Independence Day


1st: National Day in Switzerland

5th: Independence Day in Burkina Faso

7th: Independence Day in Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

10th: Independence Day in Ecuador

15th: Liberation Day in North Korea

15th: Independence Day in South Korea

16th: Gabonese Independence Day

20th: St Stephen's Day in Hungary

20th: "Revolution of the King & the People" - Morocco

24th: Ukrainian Independence Day

25th: Uruguayan Independence Day

30th: Victory Day in Turkey

31st: Malaysian National Day


1st: Slovakian Constitution Day

2nd: Canadian Labour Day

3rd: Monaco Liberation Day

7th: Brazilian Independence Day

9th: North Korean National Day

12th: Cape Verde National Day

15th: Costa Rican Independence Day

15th: Honduran Independence Day

16th: Malaysia Day

16th: Mexican Independence Day

18th: Chilean National Day

22nd: Bulgarian Independence Day

22nd: Malian Independence Day

23rd: Saudi Arabian National Day

30th: Botswana Day


1st: China - National Day

1st: Nigerian Independence Day

3rd: Day of German Unity

3rd: South Korean Foundation Day

8th: Croatian Independence Day

8th: Battle of Angamos Day - Peru

12th: Independence Day in Equatorial Guinea

12th: Spanish National Day

12th: Columbus Day in Colombia

12th: Honduras - Columbus Day

15th: Chile - Columbus Day

18th: Azerbaijani Independence Day

23rd: Hungarian Republic Day

23rd: Libyan Liberation Day

24th: Zambian Independence Day

26th: Austrian National Day

28th: Czech Independence Day

28th: Greek National Day

28th: Turkish Republic Day


1st: Algeria - Anniversary of the Revolution

3rd: Panama - Separation Day

9th: Azerbaijani Flag Day

11th: Angolan Independence Day

11th: Polish Independence Day

15th: Day of National Peace - Ivory Coast

18th: Moroccan Independence Day

19th: Revolution Day - Mexico

19th: Monaco National Day

25th: Statehood Day in Bosnia-Herzegovina

28th: Albanian Independence Day

28th: Panamanian Independence Day

29th: Albanian Liberation Day

30th: Romania - St Andrew's Day

Fourth Thursday: Thanksgiving in USA


1st: Romanian National Day

2nd & 3rd: National Day in the United Arab Emirates

6th: Spanish Constitution Day

11th: Proclamation of the Republic in Burkina Faso

12th: Russian Constitution Day

16th: Bahrain National Day

16th: South African Day of Reconciliation

23rd: Japanese Emperor's Birthday

24th: Libyan Independence Day

26th: Slovenian Independence Day

27th: North Korean Constitution Day

Special occasion? Then throw a street party!

Enjoy celebrating special occasions with your friends and neighbours? Ever think it might be fun to make a bit more of a party of it? You've come to the right place!

The whole aim of this site is to give you some ideas and resources to help you throw a street party or garden party with your friends, whatever the reason or occasion. Yes, you could just set up a barbecue outside your house, crack open a beer and hope somebody else turns up. Somewhere at the back of the cupboard there's a packet of cheese and onion crisps you haven't eaten yet, right? OR, you could go to town a bit, and for very little money turn the whole thing into a party that everyone will remember.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to decorate the street or your garden. There are countless sources of flags, bunting, balloons and other decorations available, and we'll try to link you up with some of them. One thing we've got loads of on this site is recipes from around the world, so whether you're a budding chef or a bit of a novice in the kitchen, there should be something here that will give your street party some culinary pizazz!

This site is an "off shoot" of the successful Sporting Parties web site, so many of the ideas will be similar. In fact many of the links will open on pages from the other site where they are useful or appropriate - there seemed very little point in filling up the web with duplicate pages that simply have a different logo on!

And if you have any ideas to add to this site, please get in touch!

Throwing a Street Party? Plan ahead!

OK, great reasons to throw a street party don't come round that often, so in theory we all have plenty of time to plan the perfect event, but somehow life never works out quite like that! A little advance planning will help create a party to remember, and in fact it really isn't going to work without proper planning and co-ordination with your friends and neighbours.
Here are some of the things to think about:

  • Once you've got the date in your diary, check out our party planning guide to make sure you get everything sorted out in time. However, there are a few extra things to think about when throwing a street party, which are different from other events, and we'll cover those in more detail below.
  • We have hundreds of themed recipes from around the world Some are included in the menu suggestions below!
  • We've also started building a database of drinks from around the world. - there's bound to be something there that will take your fancy! We have some great menu suggestions below!
  • Nibbles - it's not a party without nibbles, and given the nature of street parties, these "finger food recipes" may be more suitable than "sit down formal dinners" (although obviously it's up to you!)
  • We have a few links and suggestions below for decorations for your street party, but click here for pages of colour-themed table decorations, plates and cutlery etc, and also links to flags and bunting from countries around the world

Specific Planning Issues for Street Parties

What we cover here is what is referred to as a "small street party", which is when the neighbours from one or two streets get together. Larger public gatherings which are advertised and open to anyone, like carnivals, are best left to professional event planners, and the information below may not be appropriate to a larger event.

Please note that the comments below are based on our understanding of UK laws and regulations; these may well be different in other countries.

Contact Your Local Council

One of the first things you need to do - once you have decided with your friends and neighbours that you wish to hold a street party on a certain date - is to inform the events or communities team at your local council. They will need to know about your event 4 - 12 weeks in advance, and may send you an application form if they need more information about your party, such as:
  • The date and time of the party
  • Whether you want to close a road or part of a road
  • Whether the road is part of a bus route or used by through traffic
  • Names and addresses of any properties or businesses that would be affected by your party
The council may well contact everyone affected to make sure their opinions have been taken into account before getting back to you.
This government web site will help you to find out more about your local council's policies on street parties.

If you want to close a road for your party you will need to get permission from your local council, and ensure that the emergency services would still be able to have access to the street if need be. Your council may lend you road closure signs, or they may be able to tell you where you can hire them from.

If your party is on a bus route, the bus company will need to be informed in advance. Some councils contact emergency services and transport providers themselves, but others expect you to do it, so it is important that you check with your council who is expected to communicate this important information.

Insurance and Licenses

  • Most local councils won't expect insurance cover for a small residential street party, but it is worth double-checking this with them. If your council thinks that insurance would be a good idea, costs start from as little as £50, and your council may be able to put you in contact with a specialist insurer
  • Ideally, you may want to try to make sure you have someone who is trained in first aid there at the party, just in case of accidents
  • If you are serving food and not charging for it, no license is required. If you are selling food (if you are selling the food for monetary gain, rather than just sharing the cost among the neighbours), no license is required, unless you continue to sell it after 11pm
  • If you are selling alcohol you will need a temporary license which you can obtain from your local council
  • You don’t need a music licence, whether the music is live or pre-recorded, as long as your street party is a private event for residents only, and the music has not been advertised in advance to attract people or to make money. However, please be considerate to the neighbours with regards to the volume of your music, especially in the evenings once children start going to bed...
  • If you ar having a tombola or raffle, gambling regulations may apply. If the tickets are sold on the day and the prizes are not worth more than £500 in total, then gambling regulations do not apply, but if tickets are sold in advance you should speak to your local council as you might have to register your raffle as a lottery

Planning your street party

In addition to the suggestions found on our party planning guide, we weould recommend the following points when planning a street party:
  • Involve everyone – invite everyone to planning meetings well in advance, so that everyone - including any local businesses - knows what's going on
  • Send early invitations to everyone
  • Contact your local council 12 weeks in advance of the party (see above)
  • At your planning meetings, you will need to consider:
    • Seating – are you hiring in chairs and tables for the event, or will everyone bring their own?
    • Food and drink – is the plan that everyone will bring their own food, or will each family be responsible for a dish that will be shared by everyone?
    • Decorations – make sure you have somebody who will take responsibility for this, and that they have an agreed budget to work to
    • Music – if you plan to have music playing, organise the necessary equipment, and remember that it should not be too loud
  • Don't forget about what needs to happen after the party:
    • Agree in advance what time the party will finish and try to stick to it
    • Have bin bags and recycling containers set aside, ready for the "big clear-up" at the end


Nothing quite says "street party" like bunting. If you drive into a street and see colourful bunting hanging from the street lights, trees or fronts of houses, you know there's a party about to happen. You can make your own, of course, but it's quite time-consuming, and it's not expensive to buy ready-made bunting on-line. We tend to go for the material rather than paper varieties, purely because they tend to last longer and look better if they become victims of what we refer to as "summer" in the UK!

Here's a selection of different colours, but you will find more by looking up specific countries on our General Flags & Decorations page.



List of National Holidays

If you're thinking of throwing a party themed around a specific country or countries - maybe to celebrate a monarch's coronation or a national holiday - and you need to find some ideas fast, then use the list below to find the page for your nation, and away you go! Or maybe you're planning to throw a party on a certain date and are looking for a theme? Hopefully the list below will provide you with some inspiration!

We've only listed here those nations for whom we have pages of information, decorations, recipe ideas etc already built on our sister site, Throw a Football Party. I'm afraid if your nation doesn't appear below, we don't have a page of ideas for them (yet!). We've also only listed "national specific" holidays, rather than, for example, religious holidays which are celebrated all over the world.


National Celebrations

Albania Independence Day - November 28th. Liberation Day - November 29th
Algeria Independence Day - July 5th. Anniversary of the Revolution - November 1st
Angola Day of Peace & Reconciliation - April 4th. Independence Day - November 11th
Argentina Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice - March 24th. Independence Day - July 9th
Australia Australia Day - January 26th
Austria Austrian National Day - October 26th
Azerbaijan Republic Day - May 30th. Independence Day - October 18th. Flag Day - November 9th
Belgium Independence Day - July 21st
Bahrain Bahrain National Day - December 16th
Bosnia-Herzegovina Independence Day - March 1st. Statehood Day - 25th November
Botswana Botswana Day - September 30th
Brazil Tiradentes' Day - April 21st. Independence Day - September 7th
Bulgaria Liberation Day - March 3rd. Independence Day - September 22nd
Burkina Faso Independence Day - August 5th. Proclamation of the Republic - December 11th
Cameroon Independence Day - January 1st
Cape Verde Independence Day - July 5th. National Day - September 12th
Canada Canada Day - July 1st. Labour Day - September 2nd
Chile National Day - September 18th. Columbus Day - October 15th
China Chinese New Year - 1st Day of the 1st Lunar Month
Labour Day - May 1st. National Day - October 1st
Colombia Declaration of Independence - July 20th. Columbus Day - October 12th
Costa Rica Independence Day - September 15th
Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Independence Day - August 7th. National Peace Day - November 15th
Croatia Statehood Day - June 25th. Independence Day - October 8th
Czech Republic Liberaton Day - May 8th. Independence Day - October 28th
Denmark Constitution Day - June 5th
Ecuador Anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha - May 24th. Independence Day - August 10th
Egypt Egyptian Revolution Day - January 25th. Revolution Day - July 23rd
Equatorial Guinea President's Day - June 5th. Independence Day - October 12th
France Victory Day - May 8th. National Day - July 14th
Gabon Martyrs' Day - May 6th. Independence Day - August 16th
Germany Day of German Unity - October 3rd
Ghana Independence Day - March 6th. Republic Day - July 1st
Great Britain First and Last Mondays in May, Last Monday in August
Greece Independence Day - March 25th. National Day - October 28th
Honduras Independence Day - September 15th. Columbus Day - October 12th
Hungary 1848 Revolution Day - March 15th. St Stephen's Day - August 20th. Republic Day - October 23rd
Iceland Labour Day - May 1st. Republic Day - June 17th
India Republic Day - January 26th. Independence Day - August 15th. Gandhi's Birthday - October 2nd
Iran Islamic Republic Day - April 1st
Ireland (Republic) St Patrick's Day - March 17th
Italy Liberation Day - April 25th. National Day - June 2nd
Japan Constitution Day - May 3rd. Emperor's Birthday - December 23rd
Korea - North Liberation Day - August 15th. National Day - September 9th. Constitution Day - December 27th
Korea - South Independence Day - August 15th. Foundation Day - October 3rd
Libya Liberation Day - October 23rd. Independence Day - December 24th
Malaysia Chinese New Year - 1st Day of the 1st Lunar Month
Labour Day - May 1st. National Day - August 31st. Malaysia Day - September 16th
Mali Martyrs' Day - March 26th. Africa Day - May 25th. Independence Day - September 22nd
Mexico Independence Day - September 16th. Revolution Day - November 19th
Monaco Liberation Day - September 3rd. National Day - November 19th
Montenegro Independence Day - May 21st. Statehood Day - July 13th
Morocco "Revolution of the King & the People" - August 20th. Independence Day - November 18th
Netherlands King's Birthday - April 26th
New Zealand Waitangi Day - February 6th. ANZAC Day - April 25th.
Nigeria Independence Day - October 1st
Northern Ireland St Patrick's Day - March 17th. Battle of the Boyne - July 12th.
Panama Separation Day - November 3rd. Independence Day - November 28th
Peru Independence Day - July 28th. Battle of Angamos - October 8th.
Poland Constitution Day - May 3rd. Independence Day - November 11th
Portugal Portugal Day - June 10th
Romania Unification Day - January 24th. St Andrew's Day - November 30th. National Day - December 1st
Russia Russia Day - June 12th. Constitution Day - December 12th
Saudi Arabia National Day - September 23rd
Senegal Independence Day - April 14th
Serbia Serbia National Day - February 15th
Singapore Chinese New Year - 1st Day of the 1st Lunar Month
Labour Day - 1st May
Slovakia Establishment of the Slovak Republic - January 1st. Constitution Day - September 1st
Slovenia Slovenian National Day - June 25th. Independence Day - December 26th
South Africa Freedom Day - April 27th. Day of Reconciliation - December 16th
Spain National Day - October 12th. Constitution Day - December 6th
Sudan Independence Day - January 1st. Revolution Day - June 30th
Sweden National Day - June 6th
Switzerland National Day - August 1st
Tunisia Independence Day - March 20th. Republic Day - July 25th
Turkey Victory Day - August 30th. Republic Day - October 28th
Ukraine Constitution Day - June 28th. Independence Day - August 24th
United Arab Emirates National Day - December 2nd & 3rd
Uruguay Constitution Day - July 18th. Independence Day - August 25th
USA Independence Day - July 4th. Thanksgiving - fourth Thursday in November
Zambia African Freedom Day - May 25th. Independence Day - October 24th
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